Week XVIII Tracking My Mental Diet, 35th day and counting.

Life is good. It always is good, but at times we choose to look at life with all the reflections of our mind. Sometimes not so good. We focus on all the negativity around us and life is just that.

Letting go of negative stuff in my mind is the most releasing experience I can appreciate nowadays. Releasing all the negative stuff these past few weeks has been uplifting in so many ways that I am able to be much nicer to people around me.

Reading the cards have been my most valuable piece of advice I’m taking with me from this course. They remind me to be kinder and be more loving to people and I’m now grateful for that. There are other powerful tools I’m taking with but the cards definitely are Uno number one.

When I’m out driving in traffic I notice that people are not cutting me off anymore, they’re just changing lanes. When someone doesn’t allow me in traffic I notice that the traffic is really heavy and I must be more patient. When I’m out shopping I notice if I address most people with a smile they usually smile too. A much better reflection than being cold and inaccessible.

I completely stopped looking at the news. I didn’t watch much of it before but now I have zero tolerance for it, and I feel great about it.

The news is always been the same. That’s what they do best to find all the dirty laundry and spat out over TV frequency. You can choose not to tune in anymore and I promise you will be much happier.

Being happier right now is my long awaited feeling. I’m on my 35th day without holding a negative thought in my mind longer than the 7-second rule and that is not the norm for me. Don’t get me wrong, there have been times where the people closest to me have tested me the most, and then I just smile and continue on my mental diet.

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1 thought on “Week XVIII Tracking My Mental Diet, 35th day and counting.

  1. That is so cool, George! I love the cards as well. They are by far one of the best habits and tools from this experience.

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