Week XIX Catch up week.

It seems since I began this course I’ve been feeling a little behind every week I’m always catching up. Attention in the Alliance area and blogging. It’s made me feel guilty that I can’t keep up with all the webinars and readings and sittings and all that this course has thrown at us. So this week I’m letting go of the guilt.

I have all the respect for this course has to offer but the real test is going to be after the course is over to what I do with all the factors that I gathered here.

Its tax season, not one of my favorite season but first thing first. Sales, expenses, end of the year inventory, new orders and lots more to do.

I Go Forth Into  A New Day, full of Faith, Confidence, and Trust,

Enjoy your week!!

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2 thoughts on “Week XIX Catch up week.

  1. I appreciate you sharing this aspect of using the tool of guilt to expand your comfort zone. I can apply this to my own experience of being behind. I affirm that I, too, that once this course is over, I will continue to persist in using the many lessons I have learned here.


    1. Hi Jan, Thank you for commenting on my blog. Enjoy your day. Cheers!


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