Week XXI Believing in Miracles.

I would rather live in a world that I believe miracles do happen than not!

There so many things that cannot be explained in our lives that we take for granted and avoid the true meaning of life.

The true miracle of life is a miracle as much as I understand it. Although there are times of struggle, pain, and loss it’s part of our progress or not, you can choose.

I feel fortunate to live the life I chose and I believe it’s a miracle that I have made it this far without too many shortcoming or too many misfortunes.

At times in my life I struggled for solutions and ways to better my existing, many times I didn’t get my way and I moaned and cried about it. Looking back at all the baggage I thought was mine was not mine at all. Now, I am thankful knowing the truth about it as I work through the adversity of my life I realize that the above is true.

Only six months ago I struggled to convince myself that building a successful network marketing business was going to make me happy as a clam but now I realize that’s exactly what I was a “Clam”

That was the 7th network marketing company I joined that I failed. That was no miracle but I learned a great deal about myself during the past six months. I knew this all along but it was very spelled out on this last failure. As I was working my new business I finally realized that the career I was headed for has all the ingredients that I am allergic to; not physically but mentally. And so it is!

Finally coming to this conclusion is a miracle for me, because now my mind is free to create again.


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2 thoughts on “Week XXI Believing in Miracles.

  1. Another great picture, George! I’m working on filling a folder with some pictures but I won’t get pictures on my blog until next week. I’m going into the Silent Retreat for three days beginning tomorrow morning. Thank you again for your wonderful directions!


    1. Hi Carol, Thank you. Getting a file for all your acquired images is a good idea. Have a wonderful retreat. I guess youre all in!!! Congratulations!!


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