Week XXII Mastering My Emotions.



My short retreat was a short-term realization that we are part of nature and as nature has a circle of moods as we do. I perceive this to be true and so I must master my emotions to benefit my current circumstances.

Although I am the happiest I’ve been in a very long time I struggle constantly with my mood swings. It’s important that I remember that these mood swings are part of our nature and we must find ways to control our thoughts when the swings are at their lowest.

My creative senses have been instigated again because of the success I’m having with our new punching bag for kids design that I blogged about during this past Christmas shopping spree in week #11.

I have sold out!

I’ve scrambled to get our new order in place so that I can replenish our inventory but the required time from starting production and delivery is about 2 months and that’s what’s causing the mood swings to dip lower that I want them to.

I was up against Chinese New year when placing our new order as it would seem Chinse New Year lasts approximately 3 weeks.

As OG Mandino would suggest in Scroll VI to “Master Your Emotions!” Every day is a happy day.

It’s been a great ride and I will use OG’s advice; “Strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts.” And so it will be done!

Since beginning this course this next phrase has been instilled in my mind again “That Your Thoughts Control Your Destiny.” I’ve been humbled to know this again for the third time in my life and I am flabbergasted with great emotions.

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4 thoughts on “Week XXII Mastering My Emotions.

  1. Congratulations on your success, George. Supply problem must be an opportunity in disguise. Perhaps the solution is nearer than you think. Good luck!


    1. Hi Jack,
      Yes, one must try and try until you succeed like OG Mandino suggests in the scroll III and that’s what’s happened here. I brought in several other products the past 3 years but did not sell as good as I hoped but our new punching bag for kids is going to be a great seller for a few years to come.
      Thanks again for commenting.


  2. amyandbearsblog March 13, 2018 — 3:52 pm

    Yeah for you and the kids…how awesome! I just had an ephiphany this morning (forgot to write about it Kijabi)…one of my worst moments about 6 months recently is actually working out for my best. I would never have believed it…but it is true. Hindsight is awesome!


    1. Hi Amy, It is pretty awesome!! Although I’m still dealing with emotions in the am when my mind is still asleep and thinking this can’t be for real?? As soon as I walk over to my computer and the orders are still rolling in. It’s a magnificent feeling.
      Again,Thank you for your thoughts.


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