Week XXII-A Who’s In Control??

I feel it! I see it! And still, I must cultivate the morning wake-ups with stuff that doesn’t belong in my mind. As I move from day to day priorities, the mornings are still the hardest to turn over. It requires the sitting, the readings, and the shuffling and reading the cards.

Returns are part of any business transactions and still, I must repeat over and over again the following card I wrote for myself; “Customer returns are not a personal attack on me.” It’s been working pretty good for me and so I continue with it.

I wrote several and I have one in each of my stacks so I see it often. Still, every time I see a return request in my inbox I have to dig deep and keep remembering the mental diet I’m practicing.

This morning waking up a little sluggish from a poor night sleep I see an email from one of my customers and it almost instantly sparked a strong kindness feeling in my soul, the same kindness I’ve been experiencing for the past 62 days 12 hours and 48 minutes.

My mental diet in its glory.


Here’s the e-mail I received: Hello George, I just received a pair of your 2 oz. boxing gloves and used them to practice with my 2 yr. old daughter earlier today. I just wanted to thank your company for producing the only young children’s size glove available in a small enough size! 

I’m very grateful to be able to connect with my daughter over training starting so young and I’m sure many other parents are as well. I’m a professional fighter and instructor and I’ll be recommending your product to my friends.

Thank you!

Justin Zabroski

Give more kindness get more kindness!

It is making my life better.

I have learned to embrace other people’s needs and allow them to express themselves and since I’m the one doing the work I hold myself accountable for their moody and sadness and I offer only comfort in their needy times.

It’s been part of my mastering my emotions principal in scroll VI. It’s still work that must be done daily and this I must always remember. No work, you fall off the wagon.

I personally want to thank Justin Zabrowsky for his time by writing my blessings this morning. 03-13-2018


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6 thoughts on “Week XXII-A Who’s In Control??

  1. Awesome George! That was nice of that person to write to you & for their kindness. & great that they will put your name/company name out there & recommend your company to them. Word of mouth like that is a great form of advertising. Yes remember its not a personal attack on “you” when they are moody(who knows how their day was). Its very nice of you to offer them comfort. That’s great the cards are working good for you. They do help to lift your spirits & put you in a better mood or fame of mind. I’m Very happy for you that your business is doing good! Keep it growing!!! You seem so much happier now then you did at the beginning of the tribe calls. & I’m really happy for you! Wishing you much success & happiness! 🙂


    1. Hi Mare,
      It’s kind of you to take some time out of your day to comfort my daily challenges. Your thoughts are very much appreciated and go a long way in my mood lifting.
      Thank you
      Have a blessed day!


  2. It is funny how we get so many good compliments(not getting a return is a compliment) with out a notice or appreciation. The negative, we have to program ourselves not to take it personally. Thank you notes are the best!!


    1. Thank you, Gary, I always feel grateful when I see your comments on my pages.
      Thank you.


  3. The process, the journey, embracing the tasks to make the changes and letting it all wash over us. Thank you Georgio for sharing the day-to-day ness of it!!


    1. Thank you, Miriam, I feel very blessed when you leave your thoughts on my behalf.
      Thank you


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